About me

Who is hartshounds?

Hello, thank you for visiting hartshounds.co.uk


My name is Nathalie Hart - now you know where I got the name! I’m a married mother of two young girls and our whole family is animal-mad! We have two pugs of our own called Beck & Alfie.

I’ve lived in the Shooters Hill / Eltham area for about 10 years so I know all the lovely little green nooks and crannies which make this place special and I love walking and being outdoors.


I’m fully insured and CRB checked and pride myself on being reliable and responsible. I also enjoy the quiet companionship that dogs offer which is very different to that of two young children!


Why dog walking?


Having regularly walked friends' dogs for a couple of years as well as having close contact with family dogs and cats, I decided to put my love of the outdoors and animals together and offer a dog walking / pet-sitting service to people who work long hours or perhaps due to ill health or time constraints couldn’t walk their canine companions as often as they would like.

I have experience walking all sizes, ages and breeds so I feel confident taking on most hounds as long as they have a friendly disposition and can walk with other dogs in a small group. I feel a small group (usually no more than 3 dogs at a time) is best as they can socialise but still receive one-to-one care and attention.


My walks are usually based in Oxleas Woods as I live just up the road. The woods provide a stimulating, exciting place for dogs full of sights, sounds and smells. I also walk in Shrewsbury Park and Eltham Park North in all weathers. Your dog will never get bored with me and you can rest assured that all dog mess will be cleaned up so as to leave the green spaces clear for other walkers.



On meeting for the first time, I will spend a bit of time with you and your dog to make sure you are happy to go ahead and book me.


I will also get you to fill in a short informal questionnaire about your dog just so that I can get as much information about your pal as possible.


I will give you the opportunity to check my insurance details and CRB certificate. If you’re happy to proceed, we can book a walk on a day that suits you.


If you’d like to get in touch, please contact me on: 07981 787 060, fill in the contact form or email me at hartshounds@hotmail.com